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The Hypocrisy of the Religious March 16, 2010

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They Demand Respect

They Demand Respect

The above cartoon pretty much sums up my view on organized religion in general, with a particularly scorn for Catholicism and Christianity in general.

Lets go over the reason I dislike Christians or at least the so-called Christians:

a) Maggie Gallagher – Yes she friended me on facebook. Always good to see what your enemies are up to I say. But she can take her devout Catholicism, fold it up until it’s all sharp corners and stuff it up her ass.

b) Bishop Harry Jackson – You want to put the rights of gay people to a vote? What would have happened if we’d put the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to a vote? How about Brown v. Board of Education? Sure, if you want to go back to the Jim Crow south of days of old I’ll happily move to call a vote on those for you.

c) Christopher Plante – He parrots the NOM line very well but it comes out he’s a Catholic. It figures.

d) Bishop Thomas Tobin – Just because you’re the bishop. You get the flak. Of course he’s also parroted Benny the Rat’s ‘intrinsically disordered’ bullshit. But the coward never comes to the equality hearings, oh no. He sends his stooges, either the Rev. Bernard Healey or the Rev. John Codega.

e) Pope Benedict the XVI – intrinsically disordered huh? So you covered up sexual abuse of minors in Germany and I’m disordered?

I’m hoping that between the $2.5 billion the Catholic church has paid out in the U.S. over sex abuse, and the payoffs in Europe, that it might just bankrupt the Catholic church. That would be something, seeing them auction off those priceless works of art in the Vatican


1. Steve Ahlquist - March 16, 2010

The lies and deceit perpetrated by Christians to advance their agenda gall me to no end. I would be all for Christians who actually worked to advance the causes of social justice such as the elimination of poverty and universal health care. But instead they assault basic human rights and deny science in favor of mythology.

If I were a Christian, I would be ashamed.

2. Tom - March 16, 2010

Funny thing… I was raised catholic and raised my children with the same foundation… FOUNDATION is the key-word here… I am a firm believer that every child needs a basic understanding of religion (the organized kind), but also needs to let it go, or choose for themselves at a point in their lives… All four of my kids made that choice when they turned 18… 2 still practice the teachings of the catholic church, and two do not…

Personally (as hypocritical as it sounds) I gave up on organized religion and especially Catholicism, about the same time that I realized I was fooling myself to consider myself bi… knowing that I was truly GAY…

The church will bend eventually, but it doesn’t really matter to me… “I pray at home” LOL


3. Heretic Tom - March 19, 2010

The cartoon is right on. Great post, Truthspew. Keep it up.

4. Rebekah - March 21, 2010

While the church at large may be hypocritical, that doesn’t automatically extend to all of its followers. I was raised religious by two (liberal) parents who encouraged free thought, are strongly in favor of social programs and civil rights, accept evolution, and etc. – and among the Christians I know, they’re the norm rather than the exception. While those who spew vitriol and irrationality may be most prominent, there are a number of faithful people just as liberal, open-minded, and progressive as anyone else.

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