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Using Suspended Animation to Save Lives (And more!) March 16, 2010

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This is a very interesting topic. I’ve read two books about what I term FM science (FM is a military term meaning Fucking Magic!”. The first was Michael Belfiore’s “The Department of Mad Scientists” which gave a very good glimpse of the goings on inside certain DARPA sponsored projects including some medical projects they’re working on.

The other book was Sanjay Gupta’s “Cheating Death”. In the book he talks about cryo-preservation and another item,  hydrogen sulfide. They produce states in animals and humans that may look like death but we can resurrect the animals and people.

It really is getting interesting. As a kid I read and watched a ton of sci-fi and I remember suspended animation being just fiction. Same with teleportation. I mean, first teleportation in the modern day was done on photons, now atoms. Are you willing to guess what the next step will be? It’s going to require enormous computing power but with the research into quantum and light based computing, I think we’ll get there.

Now one of the investigators mentioned in Gupta’s book, Mark Roth is doing a TED talk.

This would be remarkable. If you can switch off metabolic processes you can for instance let a soldier bleed out before treatment. You can take time to repair the body. Instead of mere minutes for a heart attack or stroke, you get hours to repair the damage.

It also has applications for long distance space exploration too. Imagine, you can put the crew in suspended animation and send them on journeys of hundreds of light years. Wouldn’t that be something.



1. Todd - March 18, 2010

The Gupta book sounds fascinating… I’m a fan of his… I wished for a while that he had become Surgeon General… At the moment I have NO IDEA who got that job… Too bad as it used to be an important position for change…

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