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Why abortion should remain legal March 23, 2010

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I found this over on The Gaytheist Agenda blog.

We’ll begin with the Chris Matthews’ Hardball interviewing Rhode Island Bishop Thomas J. Tobin:

Part I

Part II

Let me say that Matthews definitely spanks the hell out of the Bishop. I watched this with much glee.

Now my refutation of what Tobin says. To begin I present thirty minutes of video about what happened to women who had abortions when it was illegal. I’ll elaborate at the end of the videos.

When Abortion Was Illegal

Part I

Part II

Part III

Here we go. In the first two videos we see RI Bishop Thomas Tobin going on about the sanctity of life. I won’t even ask what the position of Catholics are when it comes to unnecessary warfare, or the death penalty. That could well make the head of a Catholic explode.

Instead I’ll ask the Bishop about those women who died or who were rendered sterile though botched abortions, was their life worth anything? They paid the ultimate price for seeking what we know as back alley abortions. All because of the Churches interference in the political sphere at the end of the 19th century until now.

It’s pretty obvious where women rank in the Catholic church. Just look at nuns, the Brides of Christ. But nuns seem to understand that life is full of gray area. They are down in the trenches with the people, in the schools and in the hospitals. The priests on the other hand occupy that rarefied territory, in that eternal buffer zone from the unwashed masses. But nuns take that abject vow of poverty and by golly they have to stick to it and they are subservient to the priestly class.

And then of course the attitude of the hierarchy toward women in general is abhorrent. Look at the church stance on birth control. Funny enough it was during my junior year in high school that we discussed human sexuality. The Brother teaching the class mentioned the rhythm method. He told us that people who practiced that method had another name, parents. Kind of heretical when you think about it. This was also the same Brother who told us the Two Dogs Fucking joke.

But women in the Catholic church have but one choice if they wish to serve God, be a nun. Otherwise no contraception and no abortion. The church needs to keep it’s flock up.

That is the other thing I need to express to Bishop Tobin. Only 49% of RI is Catholic. Why should we the other 51% (Of that, only 31% practice some other form of religion, the remaining 20% are atheist/agnostic) have to live by your rules?

The church has had over two millennium to get it right and has failed miserably at it.

On an up note I leave you with “Every Sperm is Sacred” from Monty Python’s “The Meaning of Life”



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