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Getting into it with a QuARI drone again April 3, 2010

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So on my facebook notices I saw that Queer Action Rhode Island (QuARI) had a bulletin about wanting to do a video project and wanted to get people outside of Providence in the video. The way it was written looked as thought they wanted to exclude the city which I find amusing since it is the biggest population center in the state.

I commented that it’s interesting they’re excluding Providence and how since Marriage Equality RI (MERI) already did a video it’s kind of a copycat thing.

Here’s a response I got from Heather Curley, but first let me tell you a little something about Curley.

Remember the Funeral Procession for the funeral planning bill? She approached the Providence Equality Action Committee (PEAC) and I got permission to use the MERI mailing list to drum up business while PEAC went out and did quarter sheet distribution and flier posting.

So here’s what she wrote me on facebook:

Tony you are wrong. it said that we are looking for people and are especially in need of people outside of Providence. So there is nothing discriminatory about this. It also is something completely different than the MERI piece. You know what is funny? You once said that because of egos prop 8 was passed. Yet it looks like you are the one always stirring the pot. Why don’t you take your comments and keep them to yourself? You are doing nothing but keeping the movement at a standstill. We have been working on this video project for a long time. No one stole the idea. Do you truly think that Meri is the first group to think of using videos? No they arent. Also what does it matter if videos are being used by more than one group. Aren’t we all working for the same thing? or do we all just want credit for it? It looks like you are always whining and always want credit but the problem is that you are are just rude. I think that it is great for all of us to be doing videos and spreading the word out anyway we can. i thought Meris vieos were great but ours will be different. Stop saying things about everyone’s effort than you just are making yourself look like a complete idiot.

Well she’s right about me stirring the pot. Look, what we need in RI is a unified message. Right now it’s getting be a a bit of cacophony.

In answer to the idiots rhetorical question, yes MERI did publish the video first.

As to wanting credit for it, if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black I don’t know what is. You see, Susan Heroux is a public relations person. So in every case until the most recent in Smithfield, she cornered the ProJo reporters and it was always a “QuARI” event, no mention that PEAC participants in one case outnumbered QuARI by about 3:1.

The ad hominem ad the end is special. I have a bit for Heather. Learn how to separate a fucking paragraph you clueless idiot!

See, that is proper ad hominem at the end of mine. I used some invective sure to rankle some and sure enough just look at the comments.



1. Renee - April 4, 2010

This seems like a great deal of unnecessary drama. No wonder why RI is last to pass equal marriage you all are fighting with eachother. Sorry but I’m with Curley. Peac and Meri won’t work with Quari? I wonder if your opinions have something to do with that. I have worked with Ms. Curley and she is a passionate leader in the gay community and produces effective results. She not only talks the talk but she walks the walk. I have been to many events with her and she has always been a pleasure to work with. It’s a shame that you are slandering her so publicly but I know that anyone that knows her will strongly disagree with you. it’s a sad thing that you have to go out of your way to try and defame someone who is obviously on the same team as you. We all want the same results.

**Poster is a QuARI member**

2. Jenn - April 4, 2010

I agree with the above comment. You are acting vindictive and mean by posting these things. What would NOM say if they saw this? They would certainly love this and run with it. You don’t even know Heather and it’s not right to call someone a dumb clueless cunt. She is certainly not a clueless cunt. She is a very intelligent person that has worked very hard to engage the community and put together many wonderful events. Did you hear her speech at the Funeral rally? It was powerful and moving. I think you are jealous that she has succeeded and continues to succeed at doing great things. The funeral bill was passed due to the efforts of Mark Goldberg, Quari, and Heather’s group of friends. PEAC and MERI did not do anything for the bill they did. And since then you have all taken many shots at them.
You are an idiot for putting this stuff up. You should find a shred of decency and take it down. By leaving it you look bad.

**Poster is a QuARI member**

Shred of decency huh? Did Curley have that when she called me an idiot?

truthspew - April 4, 2010

My fucking blog, my rules. It lands in my inbox and it is blog fodder.

It stays up regardless of what you might say. A few words, if you don’t like it don’t read it.

truthspew - April 4, 2010

I really don’t care what NOM thinks. If they even attempt to run with it, well I have policies in place to prevent that.

So really, emailing every MERI supported did nothing? You’re really more clueless than her. There isn’t jealousy, it is rooted in several things the crux of which is don’t resort to name calling when you don’t have a factual basis for your argument.

3. Jenn - April 4, 2010

I’m sure about 5 people read this so really who gives a shit. You are a pathetic person. Good luck in life. I will be joining the PEAC meeting and asking them why they let someone like you work with them when you are a cruel person that should not even be a part of the community.

truthspew - April 4, 2010

oooooo.. a threat again! The QuARI crowd is really coming unhinged.

truthspew - April 4, 2010

Crude perhaps, but not deliberately cruel. But when you start name calling that brings out the rancor. Should not be a part of the community eh? Who died and made you God?

truthspew - April 4, 2010

Actually the 170 so far would disagree with you.

truthspew - April 4, 2010

So lets count the ad hominem here:

1) “I’m sure about 5 people read this so really who gives a shit”

Beyond the childishness of the referenced comment, she started off with ad hominem.

2) “You are a pathetic person.”

What’s more pathetic, making little ineffectual digs at people or stating the facts? Inquiring minds do want to know.

3) “A cruel person and should not even be a part of the community.”

Jenna and Hitler have something in common.

4. Jenn - April 4, 2010

A threat? Going to a meeting and letting the group know the vile things you say is a threat? No it’s something that needs to be said because you should not be saying horrible things. You are not a good person to have working on rights; when you call a woman a cunt then you are insulting women. It’s wrong. Sorry. And I’m not in Quari but I have friends that are so get your facts straight. I will be attending the meeting to ask you why you say such horrible things.

truthspew - April 4, 2010

Good, can’t wait to see you there. I edited the post. If you cannot understand using shock words to illustrate a point then you really shouldn’t be on the net in the first place.

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