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In case you were wondering April 4, 2010

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So this is the first paragraph of the email Queer Action RI sent out:

We have a director and camera person for the next two weeks and really need people to interview from around Rhode Island. We especially need you if you live outside Providence! We need stories from across the spectrum of GLBTQI and straight supporters as well as all ages.

That’s what kicked off my comment about discriminating against Providence residents and copy-catting other sites with videos that do THE SAME THING. It’s a redundancy issue.

As a result ere are some of the things Curley said to me in the comment thread on facebook:

“Why don’t you take your comments and keep them to yourself?”
“You truly need to get a life Tony and stop being such a hater.”
“You disgust me.”
“If you are going to be on grammar patrol you should at least make sure your grammar is flawless before insulting someone.“

Is it really any wonder I went off?

But you really need to read the comments. The QuARI members and their supporters are coming off as being rather unhinged about all this. I actually hope they do show up at the meeting on Tuesday. Because they aren’t going to get a chance to say a word.



1. Concerned Citizen in RI - April 4, 2010

keep twisting tony. That is not how the convo went;I have seen it. The things you said to her were disgusting and you do need a life. Sorry but I agree as do many others that the posts were sent to. You are just telling lies, lies, and more lies. . I’m done talking with you. You are just PATHETIC…go tell on me for that one!

truthspew - April 4, 2010

See, you cannot enumerate what it is other than language. So what facts did I “fabricate”? I love how you dodge the question.

And again, you resort to ad hominem and call me pathetic. How delightfully grown up of you. Again, what am I allegedly lying about? You can’t tell me because you’re just pissed that someone called Curley and the rest of you on your bovine effluent.

I don’t need a life, I have one already. But since you’re done talking at me, I figure I can talk at you.

You hide behind non-existent email. That’s pretty fucking cowardly if you ask me.

truthspew - April 4, 2010

So you’ve seen it huh? I’d like to thank Paul for linking the image. You can read it for yourself.

2. Paul Ruggeri - April 4, 2010

Pretty sure I laid them all out for you on that FB thread Tony. You have the link to the screenshot of it. EVERYone has the link by now.

3. Paul Ruggeri - April 4, 2010

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