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More Information April 4, 2010

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I spoke with Paul Auger this evening. Ok, it’s been agreed that the email that was sent out was a bit ambiguous. They want people from ALL OVER RI. I’ll say it again, they are not excluding any community.

The whole thing started with Heather Curley’s facebook email to me. The way I am to understand it, she went off reservation with her ad hominem attack and it is being addressed.

As to the frequent commenter Lauren – she is not a representative of Queer Action RI.

At this point I have redacted Stacey’s phone number. But all the other information stands.

From this point forward the less I hear of QuARI the better. It isn’t worth wasting any more time on this. And I’m locking out comments on all the posts related to this too.



1. Paul Ruggeri - April 4, 2010

I think I should point out that you also redacted the ‘c’ word to ‘idiot’. Just wanted to clarify that.

2. Paul Ruggeri - April 4, 2010

3. Paul Ruggeri - April 4, 2010

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