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So now someone resorts to threats against me April 4, 2010

Posted by truthspew in Uncategorized.

This is great. They’re really showing their true colors here.

It’s not fun Tony and it’s about to get a lot less fun. This blog is making it’s rounds. And you don’t look like you are in a good light at all. Let’s first take down other’s phone numbers. And then let’s take off childish insults. You may be laughing now but you won’t be for long. We will all see you at the PEAC meeting on Tuesday unless you give an apology and take it down. Say this to our face. See you Tuesday!

I tried to respond via email and of course the email bounces with a 554 delivery error: dd This user doesn’t have a yahoo.com account

So I can only reply here.

Phone numbers? What the hell are you talking about? As to childish insults, now you know what ad hominem is. Good for you.

So I can’t wait for Tuesday. Hopefully they’ll be there with pitchforks and torches!


I’ve been informed that the comment was posted by someone NOT affiliated with QuARI.

Update2: This is all coming from Heather Curley’s IP address.



1. Lauren - April 4, 2010

It’s no threat Tony it’s about something to us instead of sitting at your computer. You are wrong and are fabricating things. Your group should hear the other side. Not your lies. You need to say all of this to us not on blogs and on here. Let’s settle it person maybe we can try to come to some sort of truce. As for the phone numbers you put Stacey’s number on here and that just feels wrong.

truthspew - April 4, 2010

Sorry – I just fixed the post and NNN’d the phone number. I hadn’t even realized that was in there as it was a copy/paste. Mea culpa.

As to working things out, I will vote that we not repair any relations with QuARI, especially after what YOU posted.

Bring it on! I’ll be there with bells on.

2. Lauren - April 4, 2010

I’m not even a Quari member. I’m from another group. Concerned Citizens. We shall be there!

truthspew - April 4, 2010

BTW, rather brave of you to say the things you said behind a munged email address. Normally I’d delete comments from non-existent emails but your threats demonstrate the off balance nature of some of those involved in QuARI even if you only say you’re with Concerned Citizens.

3. Mike Airhart - April 4, 2010

NONE of you are welcome at the Tuesday PEAC community forum.

Your efforts to disrupt our transgender public discussion are not appreciated.

Mike Airhart

truthspew - April 4, 2010

Thank you Mike. I say let them come. It’ll be interesting to say the least now that I’ve successfully baited the QuARI crowd into showing who they really are.

4. Concerned Citizen in RI - April 4, 2010

Sorry Mike but we will be there because this needs to be dealt with.

truthspew - April 4, 2010

So do tell me, how are you going to deal with it? Do I need to bring weaponry?

5. Concerned Citizen in RI - April 4, 2010

It’s about sitting down and talking. Please do not fabricate more things here. We just want to talk to you and your group. You are posting a great deal of things that are untrue.

truthspew - April 4, 2010

Nothing is fabricated. And this would be an unfortunate week to come in. So what is untrue? Do tell.

Paul Ruggeri - April 4, 2010

Well then, let the facts be submitted to a candid world:

Let them read the FB thread and compare it to the bile that you’ve posted here, Tony. And let people decide for themselves.

6. truthspew - April 4, 2010

Notice – no elaboration on the charge of fabrication.

Friend of mine experienced in the human art after reading the posts and comments tells me those commenting are pretty insecure.

Paul Ruggeri - April 4, 2010

The ‘charge’ of fabrication has already been made *several* times. And one last time, above. Why do you feel the need for us to repeat it again?

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