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Oh well, so long PEAC April 20, 2010

Posted by truthspew in Uncategorized.

So I note that Eric Rehder, Paul Lynch and Renae Chaves all unfriended me on Facebook. Eric even called and told me I’m not welcome at tomorrow nights PEAC meeting.

I’ve shut off all dropbox access at this point. Why should I continue to manage it if I’m no longer part of the group?

All because I called someone a stupid cunt. Now I’m sexist AND a danger to women. It’s fucking ridiculous.

Consider – it all started with less than ten words wherein I said that they were being discriminatory toward Providence residents and that MERI had already done such a video. That lead to an email and a digression on the meaning and syntax  of the term ad hominem.

This touched off an odyssey that to this day isn’t completed. But it’s going to be completed. The report was filed and the investigation has begun. A knock on the door should happen soon.


すぐに400ポンドのレズビアンは、警察からの訪問を 取得されます。私はそれがあなたです警察は私のためにそれを証明しな ければならない知っている。



1. proppo - October 30, 2010

Truthspew: Hezakari is a lesbian because 400 pounds is going to prison,

400-pound lesbian soon will get a visit from police. I am the police know it is you shall prove it for me.

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