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This is why protecting the environment is important March 18, 2007

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It seems that Bald Eagles have taken up residence in Philadelphia for the first time in 200 years.

And in the past few years we’ve had Red Tail Hawks nesting in Providence. What this means is that the Clean Air and Water Act, the banning of DDT and other pesticides, etc. has had a positive effect. Birds of prey only return to an area when the food supply is abundant and they feel they can safely raise their young.

Meanwhile we’ve got the Bush Administration wanting to drill in the ANWR, log pristine forests, and in general just totally disregard the Clean Air and Water Act. Not to mention totally playing down the global warming problems.

As an aside, I really have to organize my categories. I note there are a number of them now.


Tucker Carlson smacks down Congressman Mark Souder February 13, 2007

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This is fantastic. The congressman is obvisously pulling facts out of his ass.

Like marijuana users are also multiple drug users. Well, I suppose if you include caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol they are.

Mike Judge's Idiocracy February 10, 2007

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This is scary stuff. It’s scary because I’m witnessing the specter of the laughable No Child Left Behind act, the increasing cost of higher education, etc.

And while I don’t actively watch and read entertainment things I’m painfully aware of their impact on society. That people know more about celebrities than their politicians strikes me as being the ultimate in ridiculous.

So Mike Judge made a movie that extrapolates what the future will be like, in this case the year 2505. Apparently Judge shopped the movie to Fox who declined to distribute the film to theaters. The DVD is coming soon and I can’t wait – just search follow this search on YouTube to watch clips from the movie.