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Tucker Carlson smacks down Congressman Mark Souder February 13, 2007

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This is fantastic. The congressman is obvisously pulling facts out of his ass.

Like marijuana users are also multiple drug users. Well, I suppose if you include caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol they are.


The stupidity of police February 1, 2007

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When I saw this I was a little concerned. Then I looked at the first “IED” they found and realized it was a character from Aqua Teen Hunger Force on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. Yes, I watch Adult Swim and while ATHF is a little stupid at times, I’ve watched it.

That not one person in BPD or BFD recognized it is astounding. You can’t tell me that of approximately 1,000+ people on those two forces there wasn’t one who recognized Frylock, or Meatwad, or even Master Shake. I would have recognized them. Interestingly the City of Boston web site looks very Plone like, very similar to the RI SOS web site which I know uses Plone. But the Boston site appears to be completely java based. Too bad, Plone is a hell of a nice open source Content Management System.

It almost makes me want to plunk down $100 and build a half dozen or so LED Blinkies in the form of an upraised middle finger with neodymium magnets on the back and then throw them on various metallic structures around my city to see if our police and fire employees are so damned stupid.