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So Cox tries to sell you DVR service December 2, 2006

Posted by truthspew in Cinemax, digital cable, HBO, IFC, VOD.
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I recently signed up for digital cable again. I was getting bored with the expanded basic and I’ll be honest, digital isn’t all that much better but you do get things like IFC, BBC America which sucks now, and a few other little goodies.

But the Cox guy was trying to get me to up to the DVR for an extra $5 a month. I told him I’d be more apt to build a MythTV box than pay Cox any more money, particularly when I heard their DVR sucks.

But here’s the thing. With VOD I essentially have a DVR. For example, I subscribe to HBO and Skinemax (Cinemax)and both have VOD (Video on Demand) streams. I’ve been catching up on The Wire for example, and VOD remember where you left off in the program for at least 24 hours. Too cool!

So you really don’t need the DVR if you buy the subscription channels.