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So it wasn't so bad April 12, 2007

Posted by truthspew in doctors, Dr. Jellyfinger, TMI Tuesday.
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Today I had the first physical I’ve had in 25 years. I figured over the past few months I’ve seen a number of doctors for things like this ear problem, dentist, oral surgeon, and allergist. I’m a little frosted by the ENT, but the dentist, oral surgeon and allergist are all great. So with that in mind I thought this would be a good time to lay down a baseline for future reference.

The doctor is also Italian and that broke the ice rather nicely. It also turns out we’re connected in other ways, he knows a co-worker of mine, and we’re both studying Italian. I like the guy, he’s direct, doesn’t pull punches and doesn’t proclaim to know everything. In other words, a good M.D. I think I’ll continue seeing this guy.

Otherwise I found out I’m mildly hypertensive, a bit of scoliosis, and flat feet. We’re doing the whole baseline series, EKG, blood work, etc. But so far, so good.

There was one question during the subjective portion of the exam that struck me as odd though. He asked if I had guns in the house. I told him that yes I did and then asked why he’d ask such a question. Apparently the AMA is pretty big on gun control and this is pretty much a standard question that doctors now ask in order to be certain there isn’t any danger to kids in the house. I explained that there were no kids in our house. I think the doctor was a little surprised that I put up any resistance to the question.

The thing that I was apprehensive about was the digital rectal exam. My friend likes to call it Dr. Jellyfinger. But it was interesting since now they do a smear and check for colon cancer at the same time they’re probing the old prostate. Here’s my mark of a good doctor – they listen to their patient. Not only do they listen, they show. I’m appreciative of that. He showed me the test used to see if there’s colon cancer – it’s pretty amazing. A couple drops of liquid on a litmus type paper that’s been smeared will tell you whats going on.

So a physical isn’t so bad. Things have changed since the old days. Next visit I’ll probably get my tetanus updates, and who knows what else.

Oh yes, he was showing me the database they use. It’s in Microsoft Access and it’s starting to hit the wall with regard to the number of records and the space it takes. I told him it would be fairly trivial to migrate the data to a real database engine and so I think I just scored a consulting gig.

Got to love it.