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Comments about Medical Marijuana in Rhode Island September 9, 2007

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The local rag, the Providence Journal lets people comment and vote on stories. Today they asked if people would use marijuana if they were ill.

Not many have commented but here are the ones there already.

September 9, 2007 09:04 a.m.
Gravely ill persons have stood up to their pain and suffering for generations. Marijuana use is a cop out for the modernists and the addictive crowd among us. Beside being a felony under federal laws, the local use of the drug is severely unregulated. Any friend, neighbor or family member can partake of the liberal stash permitted by the RI law. Mr. Slater, who seems to enjoy making headlines bleating about his cancer problem, ignores those of us who have the same disease but quietly go about our business of living as best we can. Another strike against Rhode Island.. Bill Walsh

This guy is obviously a Calvinist. Sure, bear out the rest of your life in misery and pain for his religious beliefs. I can only hope that Mr. Walsh someday suffers a disease so hideous and painful that he reaches out for relief from marijuana only to be told it’s still illegal because of people like him.

September 9, 2007 08:59 a.m.
and it does, i use it and it helps with back pain after 3 operations that didn’t work, and a fourth that is in the making…

This guy understands the benefits. Marijuana is remarkable for pain relief.

September 9, 2007 08:41 a.m.
C’mon, get realistic. People are legally using morphine derivatives every day. Marijuana is no different. Our society is WAY too paranoid over pot.

Another user that understands the FUD spread by the government, particularly that onerous organization known as ONDCP. The ON part is just describing what it is, what they do is described by DCP, Drug Control Policy. When you consider the number of people locked up and then go on to find that it was for possession of marijuana you see that their policy has been a miserable failure. The War on Drug is illogical.

September 7, 2007 10:31 p.m.
We need drugs from respectable companies, not from Joe the Pusher down on the corner. When someone winds up dead from bad weed, you will hear the outcry then.

Someone who doesn’t know that you can’t OD on marijuana. It’s physically impossible. People like this tell us that weed is more potent now than it’s ever been. Good. you don’t need to smoke as much.

September 7, 2007 03:55 p.m.

No comment here. I tend to agree though.

September 7, 2007 01:19 p.m.
Hell, yeah! Whether a drug is from a plant or manufactured, I would use it if it helped. If you’re going to have a problem with plant based drugs, you’ll have to eliminate a whole host of other useful medicines.

Yet another citizen gets it. If you look back in history hemp was a major crop. Hemp is nothing more than marijuana. And look at the name marijuana, it’s latin in nature, or for the xenophobes out there Mexican.

September 7, 2007 01:19 p.m.
If I was able to legally obtain it, store it, use it as a medicine, and not abuse it, I would imagine, that anything that would ease a person’s illness, would make sense. If I did not operate machinery, or drive, or take myself out in public, and I am no danger to anyone, while I am medicating, then why would I not? The question is really “Now that medical marijuana is legal, what percent of users do you think will abuse the privilege”? I would think it’s the same percentage of folks that are controlled substance abusers, and have lost the ability of personal self control. If Marijuana can ease pain, then why not just subscribe the active ingredient, THC? That way the money grubbing drug companies can control it, and the government can tax the user to death for it, and your insurance can be billed by your healthcare provider. It is all out of control, but the original question should be answered as positive, if it can help ease pain, or nausea, or other symptoms, and the user can be monitored, and does not endanger themselves or others.

This guy is obviously a Republican since only Republicans have never gotten high in their life.

September 7, 2007 12:05 a.m.
Marijuana is not put out by a major drug company in this country, so, no, I would not use it. Only when big business can profit from my disease will I be willing to us a drug.

This one is interesting and seems to have a slight sarcastic tone to it. If this is for real, this is a person who has never grown their own vegetables, or never eaten anything not obtained in a supermarket.

Or on the other side, the writer is someone that understands the evil of corporations which would mean I’m not the only one in RI that sees that. Interesting.

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When pot brownies are funny May 30, 2007

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I’ve written before how law enforcement activity against marijuana (pot) in my city has waned. Check out the attached video from Santa Cruz, CA. Apparently the police didn’t prosecute the kid. Matter of fact the cop they interviewed got a kick out of it.

And I found it more interesting that the teacher knew that she was high, which prompted her to call the police.

So legalize it for adults. Sure, what the kid did was wrong but the zero tolerance attitude of the school superintendent Pagano is asinine. Man should be ashamed of himself but then he was probably one who never tried the stuff.

Who would have guessed? May 21, 2007

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There’s a show in the UK called Speed. In it they tested the difference between someone driving straight, and then the same after they’d smoked marijuana.

It turns out that the guy drove BETTER under the influence than when he wasn’t. I can sort of back that up but my experience is with alcohol. My friend Chris couldn’t drive for shit when he was sober, but put a couple beers in him and he drove like a pro. We could never explain it but now I have a better idea why. He was a bit more relaxed but at the same time a little paranoid about getting stopped (Even in the early 80’s it was possible to get pulled over for drunk driving, though the limits weren’t quite so ridiculous back then, I mean honestly, .08? I recall it being .12 when I was a kid. No greater incidence of drunk driving then than there is now.

Anyhow, I won’t drive after I’ve had a couple drinks. Fortunately I live in a place where I can either imbibe at a bar, pub, or restaurant and either walk home or take public transit.

But this video is very interesting. It appears that driving under the influence of marijuana really doesn’t have a negative effect on ones driving ability. Granted, this isn’t at all a scientific study but I’d love to see someone do such a thing. We’re finally seeing and end to the FUD spread by ONDCP . This is just one such video:

Prozac for the Pooch April 28, 2007

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Some years ago in a communications class I was selected to debate the use of drugs on dogs, particularly psychoactive drugs. I was to be in the pro position.

I was so convincing that the professor thought that was my actual belief. In reality I object to using psychoactive drugs on animals. We barely understand their function in human beings.

So now there’s news that Prozac has been approved for canids a class under which the common dog falls.

On the flip side, we’ve been drugging people into submission for decades. This includes kids being doped up on Ritalin, Prozac and any number of other drugs to control their behavior. So why not use them on fido? Because it’s just a way to stimulate sales in order to shore up the profits of pharmaceutical companies.

So if you feel you must, drug little fi-fi into oblivion.

420 – a day later April 21, 2007

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If you don’t know what 420 is then don’t bother to read. In any case, watch the videos at this link.

I quite liked the Simpsons clip, particularly at the end. Why? Because alcohol is so much more dangerous than pot. So they should decriminalize pot. Period.

Marijuana laws based on racism April 21, 2007

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This is something I’ve long known about, that our nations laws against pot, marijuana, and it’s derivatives are based on empty reasoning. That empty reasoning is racism.

As I’m writing this there’s illegal drug use going on right next to me, in open view of our neighbors. No, it isn’t across the street or in the street but right on my doorstep.

It appears that enforcement is lagging though. For example I regularly walk through Kennedy Plaza which is the central bus hub for the state of Rhode Island. I don’t think a day ever goes by that I don’t smell a familiar odor. And I know I’m not the only one that smells it since there are always police in the plaza.

You know a law is a failure when those who should obey it don’t, and those who are supposed to enforce it fail to do so. That’s probably because lots of cops are using it too. Not while they’re on duty but it wouldn’t surprise me, but when they’re off they’re probably the biggest pot fiends you could ever want to meet.

Drugs by toxicity March 25, 2007

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Andrew Sullivan that darling of the media wrote this piece for The Atlantic.

Toxicity Graph

Interesting that the least toxic drugs are also among the most illegal in the United States. Yep, that’s right, marijuana and LSD are among the LEAST toxic. Even Nitrous Oxide requires dosages of 150 times effective to be lethal.

And who here hasn’t tried helium. You know, buy a helium balloon and carefully unseal it so that you can inhale the gas and talk like a cartoon character. Do that a time too many though and they’ll be carting you away for greener pastures.

H->He->C – that’s what our sun is doing right now. Hydrogen fuses to Helium which fuses to Carbon. Oh there are lots of intermediary steps, but it’s effectively what is going on in the sun.

I do wish I had taken chemistry as a youngster. It would make it easier to understand the nomenclature of drugs. I seem to remember a cartoon I once saw of a guy with a tourniquet on his arm while poking a needle into his arm. The caption went something like “Hey mom and dad, am I ever glad I got that pharmacology degree!”

No instead I had to move towards computer science, info sci to be particular and a strong bent towards engineering. Think of how much fun I could have had.

The lies we've been told have cost people their lives March 18, 2007

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I’m talking about the lies regarding marijuana, pot, whatever you like to call it.

Recent finding indicate that the cannabinoid delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is effective for blocking angiogenesis in tumors of the brain, particularly glioblastoma multiforme. (And why is is it that Firefox’s spell check doesn’t like big words, since I see lots of squiggly lines and I’ve had to add terms to the dictionary!)

Glioblastomas are nasty things. The function of glial cells is to connect brain cells. A number of years back I served on the board of directors of the Ocean State Free Net. Another member of that board was Calvin Mesler. Unfortunately Cal had glioblastoma multiforme and there was nothing they could do. He passed away about a year after I’d first met him.

Thus the subject of this post. Had we not been lied to about pot all these years I bet there are a number of lives that would have been saved. It only makes me more irate about our drug policy in this country.

Milton Friedman's 1991 Interview in support of Legalization March 6, 2007

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Legalize It

Renowned economist Milton Friedman gives a logical argument as to why drugs should be legalized. I would loved to have had Friedman as a college economics professor. He really takes the interview in his own direction, leaving the interviewer a bit flustered at times. He’s well prepared with facts which I find admirable.

Anyhow this video was recorded in 1991. Enjoy!

Serendipitous Inventions February 15, 2007

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The latest is something the pretty much kills all epithelial cancers (skin, digestive, etc.)

And to think, the researcher was annoyed that it was killing her test cancer cells.

Many things happen by accident. Nylon for example, or even the adhesive on a post-it. This is serendipity at its best.

I really think we’re on to a cure for cancer. And I really think we’re so close to eliminating HIV. We really might live into our hundreds and this is with common medical procedure, nothing so drastic as an overhaul of the human body though I don’t think that is all that far off either.

It is going to be an interesting future.