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A favorite Comic Strip May 30, 2008

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I love Non Sequitur by Wiley. In the past it was Bloom County that captured my political views, now Wiley does it.

Nooztube interviews John McSame

In this trip we see John McSame doing all sorts of politi-speak. Go back in the history at the Non Sequitur site to see the whole thread.


A New Challenge May 3, 2008

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Moveon.org has morphed into quite the force for political change in the U.S. It was born of the hearings into Clintons affairs with that chubby intern, Monica Lewinsky. We all know that the hearings were a Republican witch hunt but that’s beside the point. But MoveOn.org was a kick to get things moving in a different direction.

Now they’ve got the Bush-McCain challenge. It’ll present a series of statements to you and ask you if it was Bush, McCain or both who said it.



Bush & McCain

Bush & McCain

It’s really quite amusing that there isn’t really any difference between Bush and McCain. They’re both neo-con Republicans and we’ve seen what they can do over the last eight years.

If anyone votes for a Republican in the general election they really should have their heads examined because they’re certifiably crazy, stupid, or both. I suppose when you’re awash in money neither of those conditions matters to you, but it matters to the rest of us.

President Bush, the Cluster Fuck December 16, 2007

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It appears that Vanity Fair has done a rather nice dice up of the Economic Consequences of Mr. Bush

There is still a lot of chatter reverberating regarding the outright theft of the elections in 2000, and now the evidence for that happening in 2004 is ever greater. Just check out this site.

I for one cannot believe that we re-elected someone that was so beholden to corporate interests for a second term. All you have to do is ask the question, who benefits most from the current debacle in Iraq? If the answer to that was big corporations congratulations, identifying the problem is the first step.

The next step is making damned sure we don’t elect a repeat of Bush. And by that I mean Romney, Huckabee, McCain, et al. on the Republican side. And on the Democrat side I distrust Clinton immensely. She’s definitely playing it to win but I cannot read her true motivation.

Want to know who I’d love to see get the nod for President? Dennis Kucinich. Here’s a guy who’s been through it all. Mayor of Cleveland, a U.S. Rep and most importantly a gorgeous wife. If a guy that looks like that can score like that, he’s got to be good for this country. Plus he’s ultra-left liberal which in my book makes him a pretty ideal candidate.

Once we’ve accomplished that step I think we really need to make a grass roots push to take the money influence out of congress. It will mean sponsoring a third party, and sponsoring it well enough that it can capture a majority in congress. And make damned sure we elect people who will hold to one rule:

The will of the people, excluding corporations, is their highest mission. If one is caught taking finance money from a corporate entity, all bets are off and at most they serve one term.

Of course people need to break away from the television and the other diversion that keep most of us from noticing what is really happening. Try it sometime, block out an hour or so after dinner to sit and read, be it books, be it foreign newspapers, just read. Be sure to do so in a well lit area, and turn off any distractions like the television or radio, unless of course you can listen to music while reading without it distracting you.

Anyhow on to the third phase, codifying discrimination against corporate abuse and power. It will only take one little change to the Constitution to do so, make the 14th Amendment explicitly state that corporate entities are excluded from rights enumerated by the Constitution.

Then we can start taking out country back from the greedy arms of corporations. Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t think corporations should be abolished, I just want them to be accountable.

For too long now (Just over a hundred years.) they’ve hidden behind the same protections offered to you and I. It’s time we strip away the hiding places and make them answer for their crimes.