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NBC puts its more objectionable stuff on the web December 17, 2006

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Ok – so NBC understands that you can’t broadcast this but if you put it on YouTube it’s all right.

The reason it’s ok to do this is because one has to actively decide to watch on the web, whereas on TV well, just anyone might come across such trash. You see the nonsense of that, don’t you? I mean there are a couple hundred TV channels. If you don’t like it, you have to the choice to actively flip away from it or shut the damned box off.

Anyhow, pretty funny song from the SNL crew titled “My Dick in a Box”.


FCC drops morse code requirement for amateur radio December 16, 2006

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Was surfing slashdot when I found an article stating that the FCC had abolished the the morse code requirement necessary for a licensee to access the HF bands.

I was first licensed as a no-code technician in 1992. Over the course of a year I practiced my morse code using Gordon West’s practice tapes. Matter of fact a camping trip in July of 1992 gave me ample opportunity to study as it did nothing but rain for four out of seven days. Came back from the trip and passed my elements 1B and 3A to get my general class license. Then studied for element 4A which would result in my advanced class license, and finally took element 1C and 4B to get my extra class license.

The 1n elements were morse code, 5WPM, 13WMP and 20WPM.

What this does is give me rights to gripe. My buddy is an extra who only had to do 13WPM code and I rag on him about that constantly. Now we’re going to have extras on the HF bands with absolutely no knowledge of morse code.

What is this world coming to? Instant gratification for all.