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Damned taxes and fees on VoIP March 11, 2007

Posted by truthspew in fees, taxes, Vonage.
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When I first signed up for Vonage’s unlimited plan it came out to about $27 a month with state and federal taxes. I’m rather peeved about those since both entities already tax me out the ass on income. They have to add insult to injury by taxing goods and services. The fucking nerve of them. Oh I extract my revenge at filing time, but still, we’re overtaxed because you never see a total of the taxes you pay. I think this year I might start saving receipts and tallying those taxes to see how much it really totals.

Now my Vonage bill is $31.85 a month. Here is the explanation:
Regulatory Recovery Fee $0.99 – Would someone please tell me what the above fee is applied to? I can’t figure it out.

Emergency 911 Cost Recovery $0.99 This one is Vonage asking for reimbursement for the cost of providing me E-911 service.

Sales Tax $1.89 – This is state and federal tax. $1.75 of that goes to the state of RI, and the fed gets a generous 14 cents!

Federal Universal Service Fee $1.46 – This one irritates me the most. In essence I’m paying for those assholes who fled the urban core to have their little McMansions. It is expensive to string wire/fiber long distances and I get to help pay for that. Ain’t life grand!

State 911 Fee $1.00 The state of RI gets in on the act of charging for E-911 too. But the issue in RI is that while the funds collected are supposed to be for the maintenance and upgrading of the Enhanced 911 system, our larcenous legislature regularly raids the coffers for OTHER purposes. If our legislators weren’t so susceptible to being bought by corporations I wouldn’t have such a problem with this.

State Telecom Education Access Fund $0.26 – I have absolutely no idea how the above snuck onto my bill. I’m assuming the term ‘Education Access” is hooking up the net in schools. Nice idea but the schools have been wired for some time now. Another fucking money grab by the crooked RI legislature.)