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RI Fire Code Part II December 11, 2006

Posted by truthspew in Fire alarm, Neighbors, Providence Fire Department, Rhode Island Fire Code.
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So after a nice dinner (Steak – brined with salt, light brown sugar and garlic along with baked potato and southwestern style corn) I realize that I’m hearing that beep-beep-beep pause beep-beep-beep which means someones fire/co detectors sniffed something they didn’t like.

It’s coming from the apartment next door. That beeping went on for twenty minutes. Then as I expected the building alarmed. Response time by Providence Fire Department was excellent as always. Within 30 seconds of building alarm you could hear the sirens, fifteen seconds later two trucks approached from the east, while two more approached from the west.

So you might ask, what triggered the alarm? My next door neighbor is this young college student. Whenever she cooks the alarms go off but this one was something seriously burning. She forgets she has things in the oven.

As I said, I’m grateful that response time by PFD is under a minute but the inconvenience factor drives me up a wall. First off, I think I mentioned before where I had to put plastic bags over the detectors in my kitchen and dining rooms because even if I so much as boiled water, the damned alarm would go off.

The new fire code in RI has done two things. First it has transfered lots of money into the hands of alarm and sprinkler installers. Second is that it has seriously inconvenienced just about everyone.