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P-Funk Providence 2007 September 8, 2007

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Well, surprise surprise. The show started on time this year. We actually got there just as the band was warming up this time around. Apparently after the Station nightclub fire, the rules regarding closing time are VERY strict. Last time I saw the band was pre-disaster so they jammed until 5AM.

This time they jammed from 10:30PM to 2:00AM. Three and a half hours of pure funk, nothing but the funk. My ears are still ringing like crazy and the contact high hasn’t subsided yet. To sum it up, I’m feeling very good right now.

You’ve probably guessed by now that I’m a Funkateer. I still remember my first time in 1985 at the Living Room. I was doing the Saturday night midnight to 2AM show on WDOM 91.3FM in Providence and completely dug P-Funk. When my friend who also did the show with me mentioned that P-Funk was in town the following Friday night I had to go.

The Living Room was this tiny little room with a fishbowl window and a very sticky wood floor and it was jam packed with people. You couldn’t dance so much as jump. I got really, really drunk but was dancing/jumping so much that the buzz got killed very quickly.

This time around they played at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel aka The Roxy formerly known as The Strand. A bigger venue than the old Lupo’s for sure and the floors were just as sticky but we noticed that the energy level just wasn’t’ the same at this concert. I also noticed that the crowd was overwhelmingly white. The other observation I made is that the concert coincided with the return of the college students this time around and it wasn’t so packed as other concerts we’ve been to.

They opened with Cosmic Slop which is one of my favorites and then proceeded into their usual repertoire of songs like Flashlight, Knee Deep, We Want the Funk, Maggot Brain, etc.

There was one funky boy dancing near us, and not the good kind of funk. Another was cruising doing Atomic Dog on all fours. Quite amusing. Of course I’m an observer of people and tonight didn’t disappoint. But like I said, it was different. In past concerts we’ve been accosted by roving fairies and I do mean real fairies in the garb and all. Not this time around.

Musically they’re still tight as all hell. I guess when you’ve been playing together for as long as they have it’ll always be tight and right on. I now understand the slavish devotion fans of The Grateful Dead and Phish have. Actually I may have to check out Phish, their music is described as rock, jazz and funk and I do love all three.

But the best part – towards the end we’re sitting on the benches near the door and as the concert wraps up who comes out that door but the Godfather of the Funk himself, George Clinton. He gave Keyron a handshake, me a nod, and off he strolled.

It’s funny but Keyron always makes like he doesn’t want to go to the concerts when they roll into town. But I can tell he had a good time and so did I.

Old George is up there in years though. But the old guy sure can jam. It’s an amazing show, highly recommended if you get the chance. Parliament (Which is a part of George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic) ranks 9th in my list of top artists on last.fm, but they really should be higher, probably in my top 5.

And the tune in the background, Zapp ranks in the top 5 too, along with Cameo.

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It isn't looking good for the Republicans December 23, 2006

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I’ve read a few things today that lifted my heart. First, of the ten Republicans serving in the RI House, things are starting to get interesting. They’re getting interesting because of leadership struggles and party defections.

Then of course Jeb Bush uttered “No tengo futuro.” Of course Jeb doesn’t have a future, what little chance he might have was driven into the ground by Dubya.

Don’t let the naysayers fool you. Jeb is no prize for Florida, same as Mitt Romney being no prize for Massachusetts. That either would even consider a presidential run is ludicrous to me.

Of course don’t count the Bush family out just yet. There are still up and coming members of that family that in 20 or 30 years might return to haunt us. After all, most Americans have short memories. They forgot that under Bush 41 we were in a political war, Daddy Bush didn’t deliver on his no new taxes mantra, and the economy was basically in the shitter.

Now Bush 43 cuts taxes to starve government, ruins the economy with deficit spending, and somehow manages to spin our shitty economy into a good economy. It’s the ultimate in political chicanery.

And Romney does an artful job of hiding is Mormon background. Yes folks, the Church of Latter Day Saints is a cult, plain and simple. It’s just that you don’t want to call it that in polite company and you certainly don’t want to emphasize that central control is a big deal in LDS circles.

Look at the fact that Romney is an excellent waffler.

All this tells me is that the Republican party will have a spectacular primary. McCain isn’t too far along the sanity chain either. So when you have two crazy people and a nitwit running, things get interesting.