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Now we know why the regular Muslims didn't object January 17, 2007

Posted by truthspew in Islam, kuffaar, radicalism, secular society.

When Britain’s Channel 4 did an expose on Muslims in the UK lo and behold we find out they’re preaching hatred. No surprises there.

The question is, what do we do about this? I say if they want an Islamic state, we ship their asses back to that fucking desert. I know, I know, this is eliminasionist of me but when push comes to shove – let them have their way of life, away from us.

That a member of Parliament chooses 20 Green Lane as his favorite charity should tell us something. That they shouldn’t be allowed to run for office, that’s what it should tell us. And if these fuckers think they’ve been oppressed now, just wait.

It also comes out that the Saudi sect plays big into the UK mosques. That’s Wahabi Islam by the way, yet one more reason we should achieve energy independence and tell the House of Saud to go pound sand. Because where do you think the Wahabi clerics get their money? The House of Saud of course. Not content to just infect the mosques, the Saudi’s also teach this crap in their schools, colleges and universities included.

Here’s the thing that bugs me. It has been conclusively proven that the Old Testament was written for the in-group, ie. the Jews of that time. Hence the all-fire hatred of outsiders. Mohammed that drug addled madman enhanced it and made it so that hatred of those who didn’t share your religious views could be considered part of the out-group and therefore could be attacked as kuffaar.

This is one kuffaar that isn’t buying that bovine effluent.

And finally part 3:

Oh I just love this one. One of the clerics says that they cannot accept the rule of secular society, that they have to rule themselves AND all others. Hell to the no! If an Islamic theocracy every got control first thing I’d be doing is buying a shitload of ammunition, then I’d be picking off said clerics on a regular basis.

And that some of these groups are associated with Sayyid Qutb’s Muslim Brotherhood. Qutb is a son of a bitch – came here to the U.S., didn’t like what he saw and then went back and started agitating in the mid-east. I’m glad they killed the bastard. What I’m not happy about is that he’s been made something of a martyr.

The UK government should shut down those mosques post haste. And while they’re at it, why not shut down the Christian churches and Jewish temples and do the world a favor.
Then we atheists won’t have to deal with them anymore.

I’m just so sick and tired of hearing both Christians and Muslims think they can run the world. They cannot and they’ve proven it time and again.

There is more to these videos they just haven’t been posted yet. It’s scary – these Muslims can’t tolerate OUR society and our rules, but they want US to live by THEIR rules.