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Comments about Medical Marijuana in Rhode Island September 9, 2007

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The local rag, the Providence Journal lets people comment and vote on stories. Today they asked if people would use marijuana if they were ill.

Not many have commented but here are the ones there already.

September 9, 2007 09:04 a.m.
Gravely ill persons have stood up to their pain and suffering for generations. Marijuana use is a cop out for the modernists and the addictive crowd among us. Beside being a felony under federal laws, the local use of the drug is severely unregulated. Any friend, neighbor or family member can partake of the liberal stash permitted by the RI law. Mr. Slater, who seems to enjoy making headlines bleating about his cancer problem, ignores those of us who have the same disease but quietly go about our business of living as best we can. Another strike against Rhode Island.. Bill Walsh

This guy is obviously a Calvinist. Sure, bear out the rest of your life in misery and pain for his religious beliefs. I can only hope that Mr. Walsh someday suffers a disease so hideous and painful that he reaches out for relief from marijuana only to be told it’s still illegal because of people like him.

September 9, 2007 08:59 a.m.
and it does, i use it and it helps with back pain after 3 operations that didn’t work, and a fourth that is in the making…

This guy understands the benefits. Marijuana is remarkable for pain relief.

September 9, 2007 08:41 a.m.
C’mon, get realistic. People are legally using morphine derivatives every day. Marijuana is no different. Our society is WAY too paranoid over pot.

Another user that understands the FUD spread by the government, particularly that onerous organization known as ONDCP. The ON part is just describing what it is, what they do is described by DCP, Drug Control Policy. When you consider the number of people locked up and then go on to find that it was for possession of marijuana you see that their policy has been a miserable failure. The War on Drug is illogical.

September 7, 2007 10:31 p.m.
We need drugs from respectable companies, not from Joe the Pusher down on the corner. When someone winds up dead from bad weed, you will hear the outcry then.

Someone who doesn’t know that you can’t OD on marijuana. It’s physically impossible. People like this tell us that weed is more potent now than it’s ever been. Good. you don’t need to smoke as much.

September 7, 2007 03:55 p.m.

No comment here. I tend to agree though.

September 7, 2007 01:19 p.m.
Hell, yeah! Whether a drug is from a plant or manufactured, I would use it if it helped. If you’re going to have a problem with plant based drugs, you’ll have to eliminate a whole host of other useful medicines.

Yet another citizen gets it. If you look back in history hemp was a major crop. Hemp is nothing more than marijuana. And look at the name marijuana, it’s latin in nature, or for the xenophobes out there Mexican.

September 7, 2007 01:19 p.m.
If I was able to legally obtain it, store it, use it as a medicine, and not abuse it, I would imagine, that anything that would ease a person’s illness, would make sense. If I did not operate machinery, or drive, or take myself out in public, and I am no danger to anyone, while I am medicating, then why would I not? The question is really “Now that medical marijuana is legal, what percent of users do you think will abuse the privilege”? I would think it’s the same percentage of folks that are controlled substance abusers, and have lost the ability of personal self control. If Marijuana can ease pain, then why not just subscribe the active ingredient, THC? That way the money grubbing drug companies can control it, and the government can tax the user to death for it, and your insurance can be billed by your healthcare provider. It is all out of control, but the original question should be answered as positive, if it can help ease pain, or nausea, or other symptoms, and the user can be monitored, and does not endanger themselves or others.

This guy is obviously a Republican since only Republicans have never gotten high in their life.

September 7, 2007 12:05 a.m.
Marijuana is not put out by a major drug company in this country, so, no, I would not use it. Only when big business can profit from my disease will I be willing to us a drug.

This one is interesting and seems to have a slight sarcastic tone to it. If this is for real, this is a person who has never grown their own vegetables, or never eaten anything not obtained in a supermarket.

Or on the other side, the writer is someone that understands the evil of corporations which would mean I’m not the only one in RI that sees that. Interesting.

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The Fruits of My Labor August 5, 2007

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So today was a momentous occasion. It was the first day I got to taste one of the larger tomatoes and the zucchini. It was a salad with some vinaigrette.

I’ve longed to taste real tomatoes again. I’ve been tantalizing myself with the little cherry tomatoes I grew. Just pop in your mouth and eat. But get this, the large tomatoes taste phenomenal. My total investment was about $10. Oh I tended them when they were sprouts, transplanted them a couple times, sprayed on fertilizer etc. and watered them daily once they got big enough. And the effort expended was definitely worthwhile.

I’ve been taking pictures of the 2007 Plantings as I call them and posting them online.

It’s a real treat. The other night my father was here with his wife Nancy and my aunt Carol. We were talking about gardening and apparently the green thumb skipped my fathers generation. My grandfather was a master gardener, could grow pretty much anything. I got the thumb from him. I can take the seeds from a watermelon and make the things grow, same with pits from cherries, peaches, etc.

The first thing I noticed is that my father doesn’t look like he’s nearly 65 years old. This bodes very well for me, since I don’t look like I’m in my 40’s either, but I am. My average on the Age Project is 33 years old, and if I colored the hair and shaved off the beard I’d probably rate at a lower age. Even my MD was taken aback on our first visit when I told him how old I was. I can’t help it, I come from a family with very youthful looks on BOTH sides of my family.

And I did note that my FoxyTunes extension in Firefox can now insert what I’ m currently listening to, sweet! In case you’re wondering, FoxyTunes lets me control iTunes from my web browser.

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My Top 25 from Itunes July 18, 2007

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Polt turned me on to this so I decided to paste mine up here:

Rank Name Artist Album

  • 1. Far Beyond – Sunburst Band – Beats and Pieces, Vol. 3 (Music for the More Discerning Dancefloor)
  • 2. Fantastic Voyage – Lakeside – Fantastic Voyage
  • 3. Mercy Mercy Mercy – Philip Bailey – Soul On Jazz
  • 4. Brother Man – The Brothers Johnson – Right On Time
  • 5. Spellbound and Speechless (Edit) – Incognito – Best of Incognito (Remastered)
  • 6. Dubfunk – Shur-I-Kan – Advance
  • 7. Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing (Remix) – Incognito – Best of Incognito (Remastered)
  • 8. Everyday – Incognito – Best of Incognito (Remastered)
  • 9. Your Love Is On the One – Lakeside – Fantastic Voyage
  • 10. Still a Friend of Mine – Incognito – Best of Incognito (Remastered)
  • 11. “Love Come Down (12″” Version)” – “Evelyn “”Champagne”” King” – Dance Vault Remixes
  • 12 Colibri – Incognito – Best of Incognito (Remastered)
  • 13. Change (Bluey’s Remix) – Incognito – Best of Incognito (Remastered)
  • 14. You Keep Me Comin’ Back – The Brothers Johnson – The Brothers Johnson: Greatest Hits
  • 15. Funk It (Funkadelala) – The Brothers Johnson – The Brothers Johnson: Greatest Hits
  • 16. Ride-O-Rocket – The Brothers Johnson – 20th Century Masters – The Millennium
    Collection: The Best of the Brothers Johnson
  • 17. Deep Waters – Incognito – Best of Incognito (Remastered)
  • 18. Unpredictable (Dirty) – Jamie Foxx – Unpredictable
  • 19. Keep On Doin’ It – Aurra – Aurra: Anthology (Volumes I & II)
  • 20. Another Man – Barbara Mason – Barbara Mason: The Greatest Hits (Expanded Edition)
  • 21. Across 110th Street – Bobby Womack – Midnight Mover – The Bobby Womack Story
  • 22. Brazilian Love Affair – George Duke – A Brazilian Love Affair
  • 23. Yesterday’s Dream – Incognito – Best of Incognito (Remastered)
  • 24. Say Yes – Lakeside – Fantastic Voyage
  • 25. Freedom – Zapp – Zapp
  • When I look at it, the only recent artists in there are Sunburst Band, Philip Bailey (Still part of EW&F I might add.), Incognito, Shur-I-Kan, and Jamie Foxx.

    Another treat is Barbara Mason singing “Another Man”. This was a tune from the late 70’s or early 80’s that details her having been left, for another man. Interesting song.

    And some of those tracks, like those of the Brothers Johnson? I actually have the vinyl. Yes I’m a dinosaur. Actually Ride-O-Rocket is pretty damned funky. Take a listen for yourself and visit my profile on last.fm.

    A good Anti-DRM Rant March 20, 2007

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    This guy is definitely pissed about Digital Rights Management (DRM). He should be, this whole concept of licenses only allowing music to be played on specific devices/programs is ridiculous.

    I read it out loud and even Keyron was even pissed about it. You see he got bit by the Sony rootkit a few years back. And it took me a good amount of time to clean that crap off his computer.

    But I’ve reluctantly agreed to DRM since I’ve bought a ton of tune from the iTunes store. Oh sure, there’s a kludge to get the tracks into MP3 format. Burn them to CD and rip the CD. And there’s software that does it so you don’t have to waste the 50 cents on the CD.

    The music and video industry need a wakeup call. Granted, they learned this bullshit from computer software vendors. Have you ever actually read your license agreement for Windows? It’s filled with legalese that essentially says that you are using the software that you paid for under the good graces of the vendor, and should the vendor wish to arbitrarily disable your license, they have every right to do so.

    I realized they’re trying to protect an investment, but there has to be a better way. Maybe the first step is charging a more reasonable price per track. A track is ‘only 99 cents, but then I look in my iTunes library and see that in the last 6 months I’ve spent $200 on music. That’s $33 a month! I know a proposal had been floated around that would have charged broadband subscribers an extra $5 a month but they could legally download all the music they wanted. I would have gone for that.

    Put it this way, average CD has what, 12 tracks on it? And they charge what, $12-$17 for the CD now? About a buck a track on average. But think about the overhead involved. They need the raw materials for the CD and it’s casing and labeling. They need the energy to press the CD’s, and they need to pay the people to produce the discs.

    But with digital, it’s recorded, mastered, and then flipped online and they start ringing up a buck a track. Except the overhead doesn’t support a buck a track, maybe 25 cents a track would be more like it.

    We get fucked no matter what we do. It’s time to break the power of big corporations. They never deserved the rights they claim anyhow, it was just some asshole clerk in the 1800’s who inserted language asserting that corporations were the same as people when it came to the Constitution. We all know that’s false, don’t we?

    Some things I'd like to recommend February 3, 2007

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    First is RSS or Really Simple Syndication. I got introduced to RSS about three years ago. For you IE users, there’s an aggregator called Pluck and for those using Firefox there are a plethora of aggregators, but my favorite is Sage because of it’s simplicity and power.

    By now you’re asking, why the hell would you want an aggregator? First you have to answer a simple question, do you look at a lot of blogs and news sites every day? If you answered yes, then aggregation is for you.

    For example – every blog on blogspot.com has an RSS feed built into it. For example, the feed for my blog is http://truthspew.blogspot.com/atom.xml – you may have noticed I appended atom.xml to the end of my blog URL. Just place a bookmark to your favorite blogs to the Sage Feeds folder in your Firefox bookmarks. Sorry IE users, been quite a while since I used it or Pluck so just follow the documentation though if I recall correctly it’s pretty easy.

    Some of the other goodies in my feeds are to all my friends blogs, how my congressmen voted, digg feeds for tech, science and videos, fark.com, among many others. It’s one place I can go and when a feed is bolded under Sage it means there’s new items to read. Clicking on the title gives you a listing of the article titles and a first paragraph preview. You can then click the article and read the entire thing.

    That’s my brief take on RSS.

    Next up are podcasts. I know I’ve mentioned Mr. Deity here before and that’s one of the podcasts I listen to in iTunes. Others are most NPR programs (Science, Environment, law, etc.)and even language lessons (like learnitalianpod.com). And if you have an iPod you can sync the podcasts to it. Right now I have approximately one gig of podcasts. The other benefit of iTunes is the shared libraries – no you don’t download the tunes per se (Unless of course you’ve figured out myTunes Redux) you just connect to another persons library on your local network and can listen to their music.

    As far as players, all I can say is that I’ve had the chance to play with an iPod and a Zune and I do not like the Zune for multiple reasons, first of which is Microsoft caving to the RIAA and crippling the unit with horrible DRM, second it feels cheap in my hand. The interface of the Zune is pretty easy to use though so that may be its saving grace now that they’re popping up in clearance bins for