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Gravel has fire in his belly October 1, 2007

Posted by truthspew in Mike Gravel.
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Wow, this is just too much. At the very beginning of the clip he shreds Hillary Clinton for voting in favor of attacking Iran, though what she voted for was just a pre-text.

As much as everyone fawns over Clinton I strongly suspect business as usual. Oh don’t get me wrong, if she gets elected things will get better for the U.S., they almost always do under Democratic leadership.

But Mike Gravel shoots from the hip. In this clip he also explains how to pull us out of Iraq using Parliamentary tactics. For more info, check out Roberts Rules of Order since these are used for congressional as well as being the basis for judicial proceedings.

I dare say, I’d like a liberalized version of Reagan for a President.

But I’ll let him do the speaking because he makes some very good points.