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Moving again! March 12, 2007

Posted by truthspew in bad landlord, Moving.
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Spent 2.5 years in the current abode. But the landlord is a bitch that needs to have her clock cleaned. I knew that moving into a building owned by flippers would be interesting, but it’s beyond ludicrous.

First of all we’re paying what I consider to be rather high rent for a sub-standard space. It is sub-standard because the bathroom floor is caving in, the kitchen cabinets look like who did it and ran, there are exposed wires in the kitchen area, and the ceiling in the master bedroom is gradually falling in. Not to mention that all the floors tilt toward the middle of the building.

So Keyron found a place that is one half mile from here. Nice place – cheaper rent ($100 cheaper) more space (3 bedrooms, basement, laundry hookups, a nice patio out back, a nice porch that faces south eastward. The floors are perfectly straight, the walls aren’t cratered or crumbling, and overall I think we’ll like it.

While I’m at it, stay the hell away from Pre-Co, Pre Management, Ocean View Properties LLC, and a woman named Lynn Bruso.


Moving On March 3, 2007

Posted by truthspew in Moving, Ocean View Properties LLC, Pre-Co, Pre-Management.
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We’ve finally had it with the bitch that runs Pre-Co, Pre-Management and Ocean View Properties, LLC. We begged and pleaded with her to check and make sure we were only paying for our natural gas usage. Turns out that she lied, which comes as no surprise because Lynn Bruso is one lying sack of shit since she’s lied to us in the past. So if you ever need to rent, and you see her name run for the fucking hills.

I nearly hit the roof back in November when National Grid told us that our gas was cross connected with the retail store downstairs. I got an attorney involved and that went nowhere. So we’re moving, and the day we move out I have a nice little surprise waiting for Ms. Bruso. That’s the day I file the court case against her. Have a nice day cupcake and I’ll see you in court.

The new place is very nice. See pix here.