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Beating the Nuclear Drum Again April 24, 2008

Posted by truthspew in Iran, North Korea, nuclear, Syria.
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Now here’s a story. Syria built a nuclear reactor based on a North Korean design. The Israeli’s bombed the Syrian plant out of existence.

Now a congressional Repug is saying that the bombed out reactor represents a threat.

Will it ever end? Republicans are now forever known as more a pathos than a party. Their prime weapons are fear, uncertainty, and doubt, hereby referred to as FUD. They’re masters at FUD but if you read between the lines you can get the true story.

As I always like to say, I believe the Latin term is Qui Bono (bene), or who benefits. Once you answer that question you know the underlying message.

The next linkage of course will be Syria to Iran. And of course we’ve now expanded the so called Axis of Evil which now included North Korean, Syria, and Iran. No I didn’t forget about Iraq or Afghanistan, we seem to have lost sight of those.