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Racism still in RI February 17, 2008

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So last night Keyron was supposed to meet a friend at a local bar called Artini’s. He gets there and gets turned away at the door because of what he was wearing.

He was dressed very nicely, dress slacks, a sweater, etc. There were people in the bar in jeans and t-shirt.

So I asked him if there were any other black people in the bar. And of course I didn’t need to ask because I knew that there weren’t.

So racism rears its ugly head here in Rhode Island once again. I’m not sure what the response to this should be. I did write them up on a few web reviews.

I’m just so upset about this. I want to go back to the bar with him and have them refuse him entry while I’m standing there. Because unlike him, I’ll make a huge fucking stink about it.


To hell with you Bishop Tobin August 2, 2007

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There is a case currently before the Rhode Island Supreme Court regarding whether the family court can dissolve a gay marriage.

The state AG, Patrick Lynch has already said there’s nothing in the law the precludes it from happening. Since his sister Margaret (Peg) is a lesbian this doesn’t surprise me but I still applaud the AG’s willingness to come forward on this issue.

Governor Don Carcieri says that marriage is defined as one man, one woman. I expect that from Carcieri since he’s a horses ass and really isn’t qualified to be governor, a more suitable office would be dog catcher. Typical behavior for a Republican (Hereby referred to as Repug.)

But the one who really raises my hackles is Bishop Thomas J. Tobin of the Diocese of Providence. In classic fashion he says that there will be profound and radical consequences. The thing that really bugs me is that the Bishop never says what those consequences might turn out to be. Father John Codega gave a foreshadowing of the Bishop’s sentiments during testimony for the Marraige Equality bill in the house. I’ve written about Codega before and suffice to say the man shouldn’t be a priest but an attack dog. But Codega’s argument was that straight institutions needed to be ‘protected’ from gay people.

Anyhow I’m left to imagine the consequences. If I use my biblical studies as a rough guide any one of the following will occur should RI allow a gay person to marry the person that he/she loves.

  • Man marries animal – the slippery slope argument at its finest.
  • Cat and dog mate and have offspring, do we call it a Cog or a Dat?
  • The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will certainly make an appearance if Bishop Tobin is to be believed
  • Maybe the rivers will boil. Then again with global warming pretty much confirmed on all accounts this isn’t hard to believe
  • Maybe the rivers will run red with blood of slain Christians. If only that were the case, maybe then the rest of us could get on with our lives in peace without interference from the church.
  • The reality of it is that none of the above will happen if gay people are allowed to cement their relationships by getting married. This has been proven time and again in Massachusetts.

    And to the Bishop I say fuck you, and to hell with you. I’d like to take that big crucifix you wear and shove it up where the sun doesn’t shine. Maybe then you’ll see the light. Except there is no hell so my fondest wish won’t come true. I can wish that he live in interesting times, and it looks like we might make that a reality for the man.

    Racism – still alive and kicking May 7, 2007

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    Even here in Rhode Island we still have racist mother fuckers out there. Tonight for example, I got a call from my landlord about people ‘lotterying’ on the porch. It took a minute for me to connect it, he said loitering.

    Here’s the thing, we’ve been ‘loitering’ since we moved in. But this week Keyron’s family is here and it’s an overflow space. I also looked at the definition of loitering and by definition what we’re doing isn’t loitering. The relevant definition is: a : to remain in an area for no obvious reason b : to lag behind

    Sitting and talking on a porch is not loitering. The obvious reason is to communicate. If I challenged our lease in court I’d win. But then relations with the landlord would suffer. I know the true reason of course, I’m not stupid. It’s because there were too many black people on the porch. The stupid son of a bitch doesn’t realize that the only difference between we who have slightly olive colored skin and those who have brown skin is a genetic change. That’s all. A small number of base pairs get switched around and your skin is brown, vs. white, olive, or what have you.

    I was talking to Keyron’s brother Cory and his girlfriend Michelle. I said I was a bit surprised that we’ve not seen another Dr. King, Malcolm X or the like? It is almost as though the black community has given up.

    Maybe the next crusader against racism will be an Italian boy, namely me. Why the hell not? Granted, I’d find it hard to gain acceptance in the black community because my motives would be in question.

    But what are my motives? It’s quite simple in reality. I want to see an end to racism and full and equal treatment for everyone. I’ve seen far too many instances of outright and blatant racism.

    The time Keyron met a client for the first time I was with him to assist in measuring, etc. The womans face dropped when she saw that Keyron was black. Then there was our former landlord, Lynn Bruso. Mrs. Bruso was this blond bimbo type who didn’t know her ass from her elbow, but she treated me with utmost respect and Keyron with utmost disrespect. And now this guy.

    So join me in denouncing discrimination of any form. It is counterproductive and annoys me to no end.

    Money does not a quality individual make February 3, 2007

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    Watch heir to the Hilton fortune, Paris Hilton expose herself as a racist piece of shit. Just goes to show that having a fortune behind you doesn’t make you a quality individual.

    She’s white trash. Imagine that, white trash with money.

    Racism is still alive and well Pt. III January 27, 2007

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    Well, maybe racist is the wrong term. I think idiots might be better. The police got all bent out of shape while Moore was shooting the video below, as evidenced by the district commander showing up at the scene.

    Lets face it, cops aren’t known for being enlightened thinkers. Lets face it, policing is a profession where one simply has too much time on ones hands, and when that happens the demons of the mind come out to play.

    But this Michael Moore video makes a good point, particularly toward the end with the cell phone example. I shudder to think how I might react were my SO ever to be attacked /killed by police for such a nonsense reason. Over mistaking a wallet or a cellphone or even a candy bar for a weapon.
    Anyhow, watch the video.

    Racism is still alive and well Pt. II January 21, 2007

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    Racism is still around as is evidenced by this clip from TV Nation. One notable fact is that there wasn’t a single white driver, which in itself I find interesting. But for black and Latino to pass up a black man waiting for a cab is ironic when you think about it.

    When are we going to learn? Racism doesn’t pay off, and sets us back instead of moving forward.

    How people destroy hatred December 10, 2006

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    I’m watching Something the Lord Made with Alan Rickman as Dr. Alfred Blalock and Mos Def as Vivien Thomas.

    I’m struck by how blatant racism was back then. At the very beginning of the movie Dr. Blalock and Mr. Thomas were in the halls of Johns-Hopkins looking at paintings of the greats in medicine. When the security guard approached Thomas and asked him to use the back entrance, Blalock stepped forward and identified himself as chief of surgery yet the guard still held fast to those ‘rules’.

    But in the end, Blalock didn’t let the fact that Thomas was black impact his opinion of the man. Watch the movie, it’s definitely worthwhile.

    I cannot imagine what it must have been, or what it must be like to have that kind of institutional racism present in my life.

    But fortunately I’ve had my eyes opened on numerous occasions. Keyron is black and even today people write him off because of the color of his skin. If they knew him, they’d find a delightful, smart, and talented guy, but they can’t see past the color of his skin.

    When I see it happen I get very annoyed. What will it take to enlighten other people that race isn’t a reason to hate.

    While I’m on that very subject, it seems the homophobes have a little secret of their own. There have been a number of studies done and it seems that when you show a homophobe a picture of a naked man or men having sex, their penises tumesce. But they try so hard to suppress those urges that they come out as the most hateful people. The Reverend Ted Haggard comes immediately to mind but there are so many others.

    Hatred is such a waste of time. Just imagine how the world would be if we abandoned hatred without reason.