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A reason to carry a camera with you June 8, 2007

Posted by truthspew in nature, Red Tailed Hawk.

Today I was working on one of the computers in the state library when the chief librarian called me over to the windows near the balcony. Sitting on one edge was a Red Tailed Hawk.

I had my camera with me, with very low battery but managed to squeeze off this shot. I hadn’t noticed it earlier but my feathered friend is standing on one leg.

Apparently this guy loves to hunt the State House grounds. The chief librarian related to me that one day they saw him dive at a rabbit, and snatch it up. Of course the rabbit was right on the same path as a volleyball game. The raptor then took his rabbit up to the balcony outside the library and proceeded to have lunch. I would LOVE to have gotten pictures of that.

It’s a very healthy looking specimen of Red Tailed Hawk too. I took the picture with a little bit of zoom (I was all of about 8 to 10 feet from the bird!) and had the focus set for the bird, to the exclusion of the background. Came out very nicely if I do say so.

I’m fascinated by predators, be they birds of prey, sharks, or even cats. Those are what I would consider to be top predators though humans have the distinction of being able to kill all three.

I even got some other interesting shots before the battery died.

One was of the Story Corps project trailer. In a nutshell this woman is doing oral histories in the trailer. I might actually stop in one of these days.

Another nice one is the Bajnotti Fountain in springtime. This one looks so much better than the winter shot I did.

Then there’s the old Chevy. I think it’s an early 40’s model by the look of it but can’t quite place it yet.