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Kinder, Gentler Policing April 6, 2007

Posted by truthspew in police, Rhode Island State Police.
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So today we had to go out to Woonsocket to get a patch kit for the waterbed. Charles drove because he knew where the place was.

On the way back we get stopped in Providence by a black Dodge sedan. A state trooper gets out of he car and approaches us. Charles has been through some rough times. The car has an expired inspection sticker, among other issues.

The first thing the officer said was “No big deal, but your inspection sticker is expired.” and then asks us both for ID.

He goes back to his car and then returns. Charles then realizes his license is expired too. Luckily I just renewed mine back in November. The officer proceeds to tell us that Charles’s license has been suspended. Uh oh.

What happened next is the cop just told him to get it taken care of, told us to swap places and told us to have a nice day.

So maybe having RISP patrolling Providence isn’t such a bad thing.

Then I thought about it. There’s a theory that AG’s office employees both current and former get flagged in BCI. I seem to recall such a field in the database so it may just be true. I may just have been Charles’ lucky charm today.

I’d love to do an experiment and see what happens when I’m not in the car. I can just imagine if Keyron had been in the car, he more than likely would have ripped the cop a new one. He’s good for doing that, but sometime I worry he’ll do it to the wrong person.