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Derren Brown – Mentalist September 8, 2007

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I don’t know if anyone of you readers have stumbled across Derren Brown but he’s a fascinating mentalist.

Right now I’m watching his “Inside Your Mind” on Google Video which I cannot embed here at WordPress damn it, so I linked it. It’s sort of on the long side at 1:18:43 but well worth a watch.

I know what he does since I dabbled with hypnotism when I was a young adult. It’s all about trust. The principles Brown uses are the same as those used by con men. And if I wished, I know I could do these things I just choose not to else I’d be an asshole though I’m tempted to use it on a few people in my life.

And it explains why I’m completely resistant to it. I don’t trust people easily. There was one guy that Brown tried to confuse who couldn’t be. That guy doesn’t trust strangers and is more than likely taken by his friends and family as very judgmental which is precisely what I go through.

As for Brown’s card tricks, it’s all just mental prestidigitation, nothing more. He can count the cards easily because he’s practiced, and his object mnemonic method is a way of doing statistical weighting on cards. This explains why he’s banned from most casinos. You can win in casinos but the trick is not to get greedy. Win a bit, then lose a little bit and nobody will be the wiser. But always come out ahead of the game.

Actually I’d consider it fair game since the casinos have most of the odds stacked in their favor so taking back a little isn’t a bad thing.

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It isn't looking good for the Republicans December 23, 2006

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I’ve read a few things today that lifted my heart. First, of the ten Republicans serving in the RI House, things are starting to get interesting. They’re getting interesting because of leadership struggles and party defections.

Then of course Jeb Bush uttered “No tengo futuro.” Of course Jeb doesn’t have a future, what little chance he might have was driven into the ground by Dubya.

Don’t let the naysayers fool you. Jeb is no prize for Florida, same as Mitt Romney being no prize for Massachusetts. That either would even consider a presidential run is ludicrous to me.

Of course don’t count the Bush family out just yet. There are still up and coming members of that family that in 20 or 30 years might return to haunt us. After all, most Americans have short memories. They forgot that under Bush 41 we were in a political war, Daddy Bush didn’t deliver on his no new taxes mantra, and the economy was basically in the shitter.

Now Bush 43 cuts taxes to starve government, ruins the economy with deficit spending, and somehow manages to spin our shitty economy into a good economy. It’s the ultimate in political chicanery.

And Romney does an artful job of hiding is Mormon background. Yes folks, the Church of Latter Day Saints is a cult, plain and simple. It’s just that you don’t want to call it that in polite company and you certainly don’t want to emphasize that central control is a big deal in LDS circles.

Look at the fact that Romney is an excellent waffler.

All this tells me is that the Republican party will have a spectacular primary. McCain isn’t too far along the sanity chain either. So when you have two crazy people and a nitwit running, things get interesting.