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Star Wars Gangsta Rap ?!? March 26, 2007

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Too funny and a great mashup:


Yet More Star Wars influence February 21, 2007

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I do love light sabers. I want one of my own, the real kind of course. They strike me as the perfect energy weapon. Now give me one that can emit an electromagnetic pulse of a strength and duration to knock out pretty much all the electronics in a 50 foot radius and I’d be happy with just that. But that you can actually cut something with a beam of light, oh the joy. Yes, I know, lasers. I know because I was responsible for maintaining a 150W CO2 laser. Amazing device. But a light saber, well it’s a truncated laser beam. Groovy!

Anyhow there are a number of vids on the web featuring light sabers, some good, some bad but always entertaining. This one gets the nod for most original. I think the Imperial Troopers were a bad move though, it would have been more fun to see a couple cops the light saber treatment. I mean, if you’re going to do a crossover movie between reality and fantasy don’t you think you should take it all the way?

The 2007 Rose Bowl Parade January 2, 2007

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Well, since George Lucas was the Grand Marshall I figure it was only apropos to have some serious Star Wars geekage in attendance. And sure enough – we end up with replicas of Endor, Naboo, uniformed imperial officers and troopers. Talk about Star Wars resonating.