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Back to the 80's March 14, 2007

Posted by truthspew in Bill O'Reilly, music, The 80's, WDOM.
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So I’m just surfing around YouTube watching episodes of that brilliant Channel 4 comedy, The IT Crowd. The IT Crowd is a hit in my office, since we have a few Office fans and they always wanted to see on with an I.T. crew in it. We’ve now gotten our wish.

Anyhow, after I watched every episode of The IT Crowd, I found myself doing searches. Someone on another board posted a link to Cherelle’s “Didn’t Mean to Turn You On” which I much prefer to that vulgar version by Robert Palmer. And then that keyed the duet she did with Alexander O’Neal.

Oh yeah, I remember him. I remember sitting in a radio studio back in 1985, the lights dimmed, the headphones hanging off one ear, the monitor speakers at the right volume and the phone line ringing off the hook.

I seriously dug being on the radio. Fortunately I have the voice for it, and I had my fan club. It was shall we say dangerous because I realized the power of radio at the tender age of 21. And then by 23 it was all over but do I ever have some memories.

One of them is the time we got locked out of the studio by accident. The tape over the door latch had worn down so when I closed the door it locked. I still remember the record playing, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam’s “I Wonder if I Take You Home”.

And all you heard over the external monitors was the needle trying to play the label. We tried everything, unscrewing the frame around the studio window, until finally we called security. Took them about an hour to find the key thus saving the night.

Then of course one of the dangers was the chance that some ‘fans’ would show up. And you’d just lock the studio door, turn your back to the window and pray they’d leave before too long. Another danger was the fact that the phone patch didn’t have a gate on it. A gate is a device that delays the signal for 5-7 second so you can dump it if something bad goes down. We had no such luxury.

Our biggest audience was a captive audience of sorts. The boys at the adult correctional institution loved the show. Like I said, fans.

The 80’s were pretty big on synth now that I think about it. Here’s some clear evidence with Colonel Abrams singing “Trapped”

Hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane.