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Interesting stuff – All Politics are in fact local February 11, 2007

Posted by truthspew in Gay rights, Progressive Politics, Tim Gill.
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An interesting read by all rights. That’s what I’d call this piece in The Atlantic titled “They Won’t Know What Hit Them”.

Kudos to Tim Gill for recognizing what FDR, JFK, Clinton and even the Republicans did in the past, that all politics begins at the local level. That’s where you have to make your moves.

By way of introduction Tim Gill is the man behind Quark. Quark produced what I’d class as desktop publishing software (DTP) but it was more than that. Quark was a graphics program – we used it when I was at Emblem & Badge, and we even use it where I work now. I never knew that Gill was gay. That surprised me, but not so much as the fact that he’s actively financing gay friendly candidates. Now if only the leadership of the HRC would take note. Or how about The Advocate, instead of putting gay-friendly people on the cover why not start talking about what really matters.

Celebrity doesn’t impact our lives, but the political does. Remember that.