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Gates v. Jobs (With a C64 thrown in for good measure) February 14, 2007

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Funny video – Steve Jobs and Bill Gates go at it. You’ve probably recently read my rant about OS-X 10.2.8 not being able to play nicely with a Wirless G router. And I’ve caught all sorts of flak for my comment about Microsoft just fucking you once, while Apple rapes you repeatedly, or that XP pre-SP1 could connect to G networks. One moron actually had the nerve to say that “Well, you’re playing with a 2 year old OS-X.” I’m sorry but I have the t-shirt with the XP launch date on it, and that was SIX years ago. SIX!

Anyway this video is a good send up of the fight. Look, at this point there’s very little difference both hardware and software wise between a generic PC and a Macintosh, particularly since both Macs and PC’s use Core-Duo chipsets made by Intel and both will run OS-X, Windows XP, Vista, Debian, Ubuntu, etc. And the Commodore 64 showing up and talking about all the porn on the net is priceless.


Of Powerbooks and Linksys WAP's February 9, 2007

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So I took home a 12″ Powerbook G4 from work this evening. Coworker tried to get it to talk to his wireless net with no luck so I thought I’d give it a try.

Damned thing won’t talk to a Linksys WAP54G at all. But get this, I can do computer-computer with my Dell machine. It’s bizarre and I still hate how Apple masks little things like IP utilities. Oh I know, ifconfig and all. But even that’s ridiculous – it represents in IPv6. Not even half the world has transitioned to that yet.

That being said, it’s fairly easy to get used to OS-X. I’m just very, very, disappointed on the wireless thing. I do hear that Panther will fix that, but it’s still vapor at this point.

So this dashes my plans to buy a Macbook onto the rocks. Oh well Apple, it would have been nice.

This is the difference between say Apple and Microsoft. In the case of Microsoft, Windows XP which is long in the tooth now could work with pretty much any wireless access point straight out of the box. That OS-X 10.2.8 can’t is ridiculous.

Microsoft just rapes you outright, what with Vista Ultimate costing nearly $500, whereas Apple just rapes you repeatedly. It’s $79 here, $149 there, next thing you know over the course of three years you’ve sunk $1,500 on your MacBook, and another $1,000 on O/S upgrades.