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Getting into it with a QuARI drone again April 3, 2010

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So on my facebook notices I saw that Queer Action Rhode Island (QuARI) had a bulletin about wanting to do a video project and wanted to get people outside of Providence in the video. The way it was written looked as thought they wanted to exclude the city which I find amusing since it is the biggest population center in the state.

I commented that it’s interesting they’re excluding Providence and how since Marriage Equality RI (MERI) already did a video it’s kind of a copycat thing.

Here’s a response I got from Heather Curley, but first let me tell you a little something about Curley.

Remember the Funeral Procession for the funeral planning bill? She approached the Providence Equality Action Committee (PEAC) and I got permission to use the MERI mailing list to drum up business while PEAC went out and did quarter sheet distribution and flier posting.

So here’s what she wrote me on facebook:

Tony you are wrong. it said that we are looking for people and are especially in need of people outside of Providence. So there is nothing discriminatory about this. It also is something completely different than the MERI piece. You know what is funny? You once said that because of egos prop 8 was passed. Yet it looks like you are the one always stirring the pot. Why don’t you take your comments and keep them to yourself? You are doing nothing but keeping the movement at a standstill. We have been working on this video project for a long time. No one stole the idea. Do you truly think that Meri is the first group to think of using videos? No they arent. Also what does it matter if videos are being used by more than one group. Aren’t we all working for the same thing? or do we all just want credit for it? It looks like you are always whining and always want credit but the problem is that you are are just rude. I think that it is great for all of us to be doing videos and spreading the word out anyway we can. i thought Meris vieos were great but ours will be different. Stop saying things about everyone’s effort than you just are making yourself look like a complete idiot.

Well she’s right about me stirring the pot. Look, what we need in RI is a unified message. Right now it’s getting be a a bit of cacophony.

In answer to the idiots rhetorical question, yes MERI did publish the video first.

As to wanting credit for it, if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black I don’t know what is. You see, Susan Heroux is a public relations person. So in every case until the most recent in Smithfield, she cornered the ProJo reporters and it was always a “QuARI” event, no mention that PEAC participants in one case outnumbered QuARI by about 3:1.

The ad hominem ad the end is special. I have a bit for Heather. Learn how to separate a fucking paragraph you clueless idiot!

See, that is proper ad hominem at the end of mine. I used some invective sure to rankle some and sure enough just look at the comments.