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On Aliens January 10, 2007

Posted by truthspew in Aliens, F-117, Faraday, Google Video, Ron Paul, UFO, YouTube.
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I’m talking the kind from outer space. Here’s an interesting little video for you to chew on. Supposedly it’s from 1972 but the reference to Close Encounters of the Third Kind indicates that this video was produced sometime after 1977. And around 50 minutes in he mentions the end of the Reagan administration which puts us clearly at 1989. The whole video is a little suspicious to me. But not because I believe, but because much of it sounds too far fetched. Put it this way, this video is the omnibus of crazy.

What’s interesting is the theory that our centimeter RADAR can bring down alien spacecraft. This is highly suspect since wouldn’t it make sense if alien spacecraft are capable of traversing large distances of space at speeds approaching or faster than light, would they not need technology to see whats in front of them, something like our RADAR.

Granted, they seem to have a firmer grasp of physics than we have. For example, in the video its stated that aliens have to be kept in Faraday cages, otherwise they can walk through walls. Interestingly Faraday cages are employed in a common medical scanning technology, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) since an MRI machine uses both high magnetic fields and a radio frequency generator to image our insides. That means the room has to be radio frequency (RF) quiet.

Regarding walking through walls, matter as we know it isn’t what we think. For example, pick up a rock. It has weight (due to gravity), and feels solid. In reality the strong and weak nuclear forces interact to make that rock appear so to us, but there’s so much empty space in that rock that it might as well be light years between atoms and particles in said rock.

Based on the above, it would be interesting if we could conquer the strong and weak nuclear forces beyond gross functions like fission and fusion.

Look at the spacecraft drawings in this video, The Roswell Incident. It was produced in 1995.

Doesn’t it look suspiciously like an F-117 stealth aircraft. It certainly does.

This leads me to the point that maybe our alleged visitors aren’t alien per se. Maybe they didn’t travel in space but in time or even space/time.