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Now this explains a lot January 21, 2007

Posted by truthspew in apathy, police, theft.
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New York – renowned for the apathy of its citizenry since the death of Kitty Genovese, is still ignorant and apathetic (Hereby known as I don’t know, and I don’t care.)

What’s more interesting is that when the cops finally did notice him, they asked him to get out of the travel lane. Didn’t even ask why he was hammering at a bike lock.

And funnier still is Hector – who was such a concerned citizen that he suggested that vice grips might be quicker.

I guess I must be an aberration as I have no compunction about calling the police or even volunteering the fact that I was a witness. If only because I’d expect the same of other people. I know that I’m just waiting to have my expectations dashed against the rocks, but I’d still like to believe that people give a good flying shit about their fellow man.