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Megachurch shooting details December 10, 2007

Posted by truthspew in atheism, religion.
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We’re seeing more details filtering out about the shooter at the two church sites in Colorado. Turns out Matthew Murray was a home schooled and deeply religious person.

We now know he was kicked out of Youth With a Mission, but why was he kicked out? I’ll be very interested to see that published.

All I can say is that I feel religion is a pox upon humanity. Isn’t it always the case the the ultra-religious are the ones who bounce off the wall and come back killing people?

It’s funny, I left a comment on a YouTube video about racism. Someone else mentioned hating because of religion but I’m going to take an argument that some religious have used against gay people and turn it back at them.

I don’t consider myself racist. I know that black people have darker skin because of genetic sequence changes due to environment.Or that Asians have different eyes because at one point there was a genetic advantage to not having the fold of skin.

But I reserve my scorn for religion and the religious. You choose a religion, or it’s chosen for you by your parents in the case of Catholicism. As such it deserves no respect from me.

In other words what I’m trying to say here is keep your religion to yourself, though I’d ultimately like to see the world freed from religious tyranny.



1. onanite - December 10, 2007

Home schooled huh? So much for getting good religious teaching at home. He was just full of hate; lucky he took it out on the people he should have the neo-Nazi xtians at the local church.

2. me - December 11, 2007

The next time some asshat starts with “we need to ban guns in churches,” I hope someone else in the audience remembers this is exactly why it’s a bad idea.

3. EndReligiousWackhood - December 16, 2007

Religious leaders should at least make an attempt to police dangerous quackery in their midst. Matthew’s insanity may well have been partly brought on by the wacko religious training he got, inspired by a Mr. Gothard, a wacko fundamentalist who should be on trial for criminal wacko-ness. Matthew’s younger brother, if he is under 18, should be removed from the household on account of wacko parents.

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